Second Breath

With the storms threat gone we made sail for Chia. I fear that Cheshire took on the dark storm clouds for his performance took on a dark tone, stirring memories in me which I prefer left in my wake, buried in the past where they belong. Fear gripped me that we would run a foul of a fool hardy choice or miscalculation that would steer us into the heart of danger. I was consumed with the course, running countless calculations and plots. Every book of route opened and read fervently attempting to alleviate my fears of what might befall my crew and ship if I made an error on our course.


Dawn's light often washes the worry of yesterdays in its glowing reassuring  light. What ever possessed me last night fleeting as if exorcised by the new days sun light. If only all barriers to our journey were similarly washed away, not so much for my sake I love the adventure of the unexpected well usually. On approach to the port of Chia the flags of

Ysyr displayed proudly on a flotilla acting as a blockade on the port.


Etzer has remarkable familiarity with Ysyr being from palaquin knowing all to well how dangers the sorcerous nation of Ysyr can be. He advised me I show stow away my beloved Adorei to iron dogs secret weapon armoury or maybe summon the storm and unleash it upon Ysyr. I told him only a fool would risk such ire of a woman's scorn willingly.

Instead I had a chance to show off my prowess and art with shaping wood and build a home fitting for Adorei stealing her away from the jealous converting eyes that surely be on her from the Ysyr once their boarding party arrived.

Upon the wooden sheath a poem to Adorei amongst the beautifully exquisite carving and relief work.


My love is a ship in which we dwell,

Adorei my figure head of destiny,

I embrace you on this journey,

I stare into your soul, you see mine


Ezter approved of the craftsmanship and with us both sure that Adorei would not be viewed by greedy unworthy eyes. We prepared to receive the long boat of the Ysyr blockade.  Kasshim Kassam was welcomed with all the hospitality me as the Captain of Flirtatious muse could muster, despite Esters reservations I wanted to hear them out and if they raised steel I would respond appropriate but I don't seek death and violence lightly.  Kassam seemed to be a good humoured friendly man, I found him quite agreeable. Expressing interest in Champoor, I was able to whip up the delicacies from the city samples of it's best cuisine which we shared as I talked bit more about the port. I think I did the dishes justice. As it was clear the blockade was there to stay, it was clear we would have to find another destination and way to deliver our cargo. The is nothing worse than bland food I left Kassam with some spice so least meals would be less dull while anchored in port of Chia.


Concerned about the fate of Chia we resolved to help the besieged city by providing food and also allowing me to make our cargos delivery. With the council of Etzer, Serin and use of my charts we determined suitable nearby ports that 

 would be good for purchasing food and allows us to plot a land course to Chia. Settling on Vorai we made sail.


Consulting my naval history tomes the last time such naval display was seen from Ysyr was the annexing of Palaquin.

Say the least this news was probably grimly received by Etzer, who's hatred of Ysyr was obvious to those who found him on friendly terms and spent any length of time with him.


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