Lady Taleah Gauss

Lady of Vorai, Spirit of Adventure, Paramour


Dressed in colours similar to her father, Taleah prefers strong black dresses slashed with the scarlet red silks of her underskirts visible through long cuts in the black fabric running from hip to toe.

Long black hair reaching her hips is neatly combed and arranged around her shoulders, a few wisps always


Taleah is the daughter of Lord Baron Gauss and has lived in Vorai as long as she can remember – but what she does remember does not add up.

Taleah has been revealed to be someone other than the girl Lord Baron Gauss assumes her to be and is happy to leave the city in search of adventure as the circle leave Vorai. Her necklace left behind, only time will tell where her destiny is to take her.

Lady Taleah Gauss

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