Serin Starfall

First Mate of the Flirtatious Muse


Serin Starfall has the air and beauty of a noble woman, always impeccably dressed alongside her captain and crew, she guides those that call the Muse home with the stern hand of authority to contrast the, sometimes chaotic, whims and winds of Ash.

Her hair is dark, a deep woody brown nearing total blackness (matching the deepness of her eyes and contrasting the fairness of her skin), always tied up into a spiralling braid and pinned into a neat bun at the nape of her neck. Her features are sharp with the slim, straight nose of her heritage and a well-defined jawline.

A rapier always graces her hip and the rock of a boat does little to unsteady her footing.


Serin is the current first mate of the Flirtatious Muse and second in authority only to Captain Ash. The two are very close and always seem to be supporting each other, though not much is known about their full history. Even the crew of the Muse are largely unaware of the details surrounding their deeper connection and though one might be forgiven for assuming intimacy between them, Serin would answer any such ‘accusation’ with a stern shake of the head.

Serin Starfall

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