Krushin, The Bridge Between One and Eternity

Raksha Noble, Lord of Violence, Breaker of Adorei


Standing an imposing ten foot, Krushin is covered from head to foot in deep, black armor plates. Pauldrons of beastial ferocity, gauntlets ending in wicked claws, helmet tipped with two foot long horns – everything about this Fair Folk lord screams malice and terror.

Its face is concealed behind a faceplate that is twisted into a constant aggressive snarl, bearing fangs and eyes like deep red gemstones.

From its shoulders drapes a long cape of fine fur that glistens deep purple like the cloak of night adorning the heavens when the sun is away.

Its voice is deep and resounding though caught in the tinny echo that comes from speaking through a metal helmet – clearly there is a being beneath the mask and armor – wether it is more beautiful or terrible remains to be seen.


The way Krushin tells it, the Noble is a follower of Balor and one of the seven terrible beasts that rocked the Dreaming Sea when the Fair Folk invaded with their crusade.

It is known that Balor was defeated by the Scarlet Empress with weapons of terrible destruction that carpeted all of Creation but there are no stories after that time that remain in recorded history.

Is Krushin really one of the reaving terrors? Would such a thing truly matter?

Krushin, The Bridge Between One and Eternity

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