Lord Baron Gauss

Lord of Vorai, Impecable Art Admirer


Lord Gauss is a well dressed noble sporting fine clothes of simplistic design. Following the traditions of his home city on the shores of the Dreaming Sea, strongly contrasting colours dominate his wardrobe, mostly dark shades of black and deep brown. Most of his jackets are trimmed with an inner layer of scarlet silk, creating flashes of colour as he moves and gestures. As lord his attire is afforded a modicum of gilden embroidery that is absent on any other noble or upper class citizen of the area.

Gauss’ person is as impeccably nurtured as his clothes and domain. A light piling of his hair leaves it slicked back, black strands contrasting the fairness of his skin and stretching his brow to make the widow’s peak more prominent. A similar treatment is applied to his small moustaches, twisted to sharp points and flattened against his upper lip. A small goatee stabs downwards from his chin, no larger than his thumb.

Everything from his brows to his nails are fastidiously groomed, clipped and shaped – as if there was so little occurring in his day that he could spend hours each morning preening and sculpting his image.


Other than his status as lord of Vorai, undisputed ruler of what appears to be a monarchy absent the usually friffery of lords and nobles, Lord Baron Gauss is known to have once been wed to a woman who he loved very much. He has a daughter, Taleah, and has announced his preference for her happiness over any notion of succession for the ruler of the land.

Investigations prior to their arrival described the man as obsessively controlling, spying on the populace and tracking their every move. Since their introductions, however, there has been little evidence of such a paranoid leader – indeed, the city itself seems to be lacking precisely that quality to an alarming degree.

Through their investigations and dealings, the circle has revealed that Lord Baron Gauss appears to be immortal but loses his memories each and every day. This has some, as yet unexplored, connection to The Weeping Woman. Known to be a goddess of Vorai, but little else.

Lord Baron Gauss

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