Court of Ivory Patella, in Exile


The Court is a small band of friends, aides, and goons loyal to Etzer Sansaricq who followed him into exile. Although they all have official duties as Etzer’s entourage, they also assist him in his illicit deeds.


Chamberlain – Delta Swan stands apart from the rest of the court; unlike the rest he’s neither young, fashionable, or incompetent. Delta Swan has served the Sansaricq family for generations. Serious and composed, Delta Swan is to dedicated to proper decorum to admit that he sees Etzer and Wren as his own sons.

Courtier – 3 Sheaves Snake is one of the Yennin from Volivat; even though he’s stronger and smarter than most, he’s insecure because he’s considered inferior and weak in his homeland.

Courtier – Slanted Lightning was born into poverty, and through grit and determination has drug herself from the gutter to, well not the top, but at least to a much better position in life. Although Slanted Lightning is party of the court she is technically Wren’s courtier, not Etzer’s. More still she is also Wren’s lover; although she’s technically Wren’s subordinate, she is the stronger willed of the two and directs most of their actions both politically and romantically.

Adviser – Dolf is a former sailor and raider from the far North. Despite his leathery, old face Dolf is rambunctious and brash, always hoping to pump people up. Dolf is the ultimate hype man and has gained a wealth of knowledge during his travels, but is not known for giving the sagest advice.

Adviser – Utz Fehn was once a porter in Palanquin who was left crippled after a poorly secured crate that came loose and crushed his leg. Left with a terrible limp and constant pain from the poorly set bone Utz was incapable of performing his job and descended into opium addiction to manage his pain. Resigning himself to poverty in the gutters of Palanquin Utz’s fortune changed when he found a drunk Etzer passed out in the streets. Recognizing the young man Utz, though considerable pain and effort, drug the young man home before anything unfortunate could happen to Etzer. In gratitude Etzer became Utz’s patron and lifted him up out of squalor.

Priest – Osho Ran is a former temple priest from the heart of Palanquin. She was once a guard for a particularly holy site, until Ysyr seized the temple for their own metaphysical purposes. She has now abandoned her vows of pacifism and has joined Etzer’s party as a sohei, a warrior monk, blessing his group and consecrating their victories.

Coiffure – Kale was born in the squalid docks on the Feet. Born into a fishing family he spent his days casting and weaving nets, and evenings braiding and plaiting his sister’s hair. A self made man, Kale grew to prominence as a barber extraordinar.

Translator – Wren Sansaricq is Etzer’s younger brother, whose ineptitude resulted in their exile. Like Etzer he is an ambitious man, but lacks his brother’s patience and skill. He’s even more motivated than Etzer to end their exile so he can redeem himself for his past failings.

Master of Horse – Batbayar was born to a nomad tribe in the veldt south of the Dreaming Sea. Due to a port wine stain on her face Batbayar’s tribe considered her blessed as a child and she was raised in a position of honor. However, her fortunes changed when she was taken in a raid as a child Batbayar was sold into slavery. After a strange dream of a banquet where the guest overturn their drinks on their own faces, which he considered to be an omen, Etzer’s father saw Batbayar in the slave auctions and due to her birthmark he bought and freed her on the spot. Grateful to the Sansaricq’s Batbayar remained in Palanquin and served as a mule driver and guard for the family.

Tailor – Ermine Love is a talented clothier and long time companion of Etzer. Her uncle also died during the same public flogging as Etzer’s grandfather, and they met and bonded over their shared loss. Whether it’s designing the newest fashions or cooking breakfast Ermine Love dedicates herself with furious intensity to any task.

Page – if Sidling Charoite didn’t know something, he did know a person, who knew a person who did. The Patella was a bustling hub of trade, and Sidling Charoite made it his business to know everything and everyone who moved though. His name and locale of birth are unknown, he simply set up residence in the Knee and inserted himself into the community, earning his moniker from the shady way he had of approaching people out of nowhere and his beautifully crafted charoite lip plug and piercings.

Court of Ivory Patella, in Exile

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