Cerian Ettara

Loving Father, Dutiful Husband


Cerian is a stout man with the rough hands of someone who has worked his entire life. When last seen, he was a modest five foot ten and dressed like a man who knew success – no longer the poorly pauper, his simple wedding band replaced by rich rings of precious metal and bejeweled with a smattering of lucious gems.


Cerian Ettara was a devoted husband and worldly soul. We say was because he is currently missing. Much to the dismay of Cheshire, his father, while known to those around him has been missing for several months and there is little evidence of his presence felt on the docks of Champoor.

Much to the delight of Cheshire Cerian has been found. But hope quickly turned todismay when he was found to be the public face of Takka a vile weapon’s merchant based in Champoor.

Worse, he may even be the anchor that ties Krushin to this world.

Cerian Ettara

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