Second Breath

Majestically Empty

Episode 7

Etzer, mere inches away from the bladed hand of Kashim, is defended by the quick reflexes of Capt Ash.  The honorable duel having been violated by out interference, Kashim reveals the source of his sorcerous power, a perfect ruby necklace, and summons his elemental followers.

Capt Ash knocks Kashim out as Cheshire turns his attention to taking down one of the elementals that responds by damaging the rest of the circle.  Kashim is taken away underground by another of his elementals, leaving Etzer to take over the first elemental.  

With combat done, Capt Ash gets to know some of the locals, but they are seriously off.  Their emotions and actions have been sorcerously restrained, making them live almost like actors of a play, with everyone having their own role to play.  

Etzer begins to take the visage of Kashim while he interrogates the elemental he has brought under his control.  Cheshire takes the beguiled guards from the previous confrontation to ask them about Kashim and his companions.  Etzer and Cheshire gain some useful information on them before they join Capt Ash and proceed to the shore where they see ships on the horizon.

The ships belong to Kashim who, along with his followers, are certainly going to take measures against Chia.  At this point, the circle discuss bracing for conflict or leaving the city for their own safety.  It is at this time that Amber Glow whispers into Cheshire's ear.  It says that we still have the screaming sword but warns that Cheshire may not be able to withstand the "weight" of the sword.  Cheshire resolves to take up arms in order to remove the immediate threat.

Cheshire takes the screaming sword, forces his will into it, enduring the sound.  Moving to the end of a dock, he performs a dance with the sword, more ferociously than ever before.  At the end, the sword flies from Cheshire's hand toward the ships, pulling the water flowing beneath it up into a mighty wave. 


elkovash Zyx

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