Cheshire Ettara

Zenith - Performance Supernal, Avatar of True Emotion


Age: 20
Height: 5’10″
Weight: 170lbs
Hair: Silver-White, Mikaze Ai style [Uta no Prince-sama] (Source:
Eye: Blue-Green, Red when emotions flare

Armor: None
Weapon: None save for his brilliant dance moves
Equipment: A small satchel for currency, knick-knacks, and storage when the need arisesBattle-Dancer.png

Usual attire: See photo (Source:

Personality: Raised by a loving family and then abducted by a Lorelei, Cheshire has developed a strange morale compass. Charming, manipulative, flirtatious, but hides a much darker side that’s reserved for dire situations. If there is any music playing, he’s almost guaranteed to dance for his own enjoyment but tries to remain aware/careful that he can have a powerful effect on others.

Emotional Energy – Addiction – Major

Favorite Charms: Harmonious Presence Meditation, Thousand Courtesan Ways, Phantom-Conjuring Performance


My family – True Love (Familial) – Defining
Amber Glow – Respect for Teacher/Caretaker – Defining
“Emotions unite all Hearts.” – Defining
“Dancing is a universal language” – Defining
“I will uncover the truth of my abduction” – Defining
Amber Glow – Despise/Distrust – Major
“It’s not my family’s fault I was taken” – Major
“My power must be used with care” – Major
Fair Folk – Disdain – Minor
Champoor – Comfort/Distrust – Minor
Finding the truth of my abduction – Fear – Minor
Traveling to new places – Pleasant – Minor
Victims of Lorelei – Pity/Sorrow – Minor
“I must control my emotions or they will rule me forever” – Minor
“Emotions can protect as well as destroy” – Minor
“I will beat Amber Glow at her own game” – Minor



Growing up in a close knit family, an adorable child grew up in a nest of love and care. His father, a trusted Liaison of Champoor, and his mother, a street performer, were all he needed to have a happy life.

This life came to an abrupt halt when he crossed paths with Amber Glow, triggering his Exaltation as a Chosen of the Unconquered Sun. Taken or offered as a gift to the Lorelei, Cheshire was then raised as a catalyst for emotion, learning the True Emotions that lie hidden within the collective Heart of Creation.

Allowed to return to Champoor, he hopes to see his family once more. Due to recent events, Amber Glow has either died or gone missing, so Cheshire must try to piece together what happened to his family with his new comrades Etzer Sansaricq and Captain Ash.

Cheshire Ettara

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