Etzer Sansaricq

Exiled Revolutionary


Age: 25
Height: 6’5"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Well coiffed and always up to the current fashion standards. Black in color but lightly dusted with white due to his Cloud Person heritage.
Eye: Brown

Armor: After catching a blade in the guts during an argument over a dice game, Etzer always makes sure to don a chain shirt before heading out to meet the day.
Weapon: Gnomon. Etzer and his hooligans used to prowl the streets of Palanquin beating their political and ideological rivals with their heavy walking sticks, which they liked to call their “Hereditary Rights.” After his Exaltation Etzer attempted to breach the portal to Heaven in Palanquin. Although he was unsuccessful, he did find access to a hidden tomb underneath which contained the might Wrackstaff Gnomon.

Personality: At first blush Etzer is vain, foppish, and shallow. And you would be correct in your judgement of him. He’s overly concerned with local fashions, scandal and gossip, women, song, and wine. But Etzer is a man of depths and layers, and beneath his dandier exterior lies a cunning intelligence. He fancies himself as being quite clever, and one of the most devious schemers in Creation, the equal of the grandest kings and mighty Dynasts.

Favorite Charms: Harmonious Presence Meditation, Master Plan Meditation, Living Shadow Preparedness, Easily Overlooked Presence Method

Palanquin (Unwavering Patriotism) – Defining/Tie
Palanquin will be liberated – Defining/Principle
I will create a military confederation to challege Ysyr – Major/Principle
Noblesse Oblige – Major/Principle
Ysyr (Smoldering Rage) – Defining/Tie
Those with Cloud Person blood, like me, are inherently superior – Major/Principle
One day I will reopen the gate to Heaven – Minor/Principle
Fashion (Obsession) – Major/Tie
Any laws or customs that obstruct my path are illegitimate – Minor/Principle
I love to be thought a fool; its easy to crush those who underestimate me – Minor/Principle
Perfume/Musk (Obsession) – Minor/Tie
Promises must be kept – Major/Principle
Unjust governments deserve to be toppled – Major/Principle
Unifying the regional powers will promote trade and minimize conflict – Minor/Principle
The Court of the Ivory Patella (Loyalty) – Minor/Tie
Gambling (Enjoyment) – Minor/Tie
Uphold the honor of the Sansaricq name – Minor/Principle
Beauty and Aesthetics have as much, if not more, values as Glory and Valor – Major/Principle


Etzer Sansaricq

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