Captain Ash

Dawn Caste Adventuring Captain




Age: 27
Height: 5’11″
Weight: 12 and half stone
Hair: Dark brown with hits of copper and blonde, although he tries to keep his hair presentable the wind and sea has other ideas.
Eye: Rich Brown

Armor: Reinforced Buff Jacket (Iron Wood)
Weapon: Wide range of weapons although doesn’t carry them all at once
Equipment: Bags of coins, satchel containing one of his journals, ink pot, quills, strange wooden box.
Usual attire: Tricorn hat with a feathery quill in it. Calvary officer jacket styled with red highlights and trousers to complete the look. Black leather boots that rise past the ankle to keep that sea water out.

Adventurous? Almost certainly but like so many in power he appreciates the responsibility and duty his captaincy brings although he tries not to let that limit the freedom being the captain of ones own ship brings. Not a fan of large crowds at times Ash is quite introverted often burying himself in his journal or recently acquired book. That doesn’t mean he is a hermit or shut away Ash enjoys meeting new people often win over others with his earnestness, daringness, whimsy or wit. That honest nature means Ash doesn’t have a lot of time for manipulators or the two face people of creation, tries to avoid getting up in such things as courtly intrigue. Such characters are unavoidable when the lure of a ball or party is too much excitement for Ash to pass up. Sea brings many things excitement, unpredictability and lot of time to pass, on the duller days Ash keeps his mind sharp and channels his energy into creative pursuits shaping wood into what takes his fancy in the moment. Ash wonders if the constant thirst for discoveries and adventure will leave him like so many before him alone with those familiar places and people a faded memory in his wake and only the chronicles of his past exploits to keep him company through the long nights.

Captain Ash

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